Associate Pastor

My name is Mark Looney and I am the Associate Pastor of the West Las Vegas Potters House. I have been in the ministry since 1987 both as a Pastor and Evangelist. My wife Lynn and I were both saved in 1982 when the West Las Vegas Potters House  was first planted here in Las Vegas. We have witnessed firsthand the great things that God has done in the church.

I was born and raised here in Las Vegas and spent my youth hanging out with friends and running the streets. By the time I was 13 years old I had  been influenced by the 60s culture and was already smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. As time went on I involved myself in other drugs,  namely cocaine and was snorting lines in the restroom in high school. Somehow I managed to graduate from Western High School in 1974 and I just continued doing the same things into adulthood. I met my future wife Lynn in 1980 and we were married in 1981. Our first son Ryan was born in November of that same year. We were newlyweds and new parents and began to realize we needed direction for our lives.

That is when God stepped in and began to draw us to himself.  Both of us had friends and acquaintances who had given their lives to Jesus Christ some years earlier. So we decided that we would begin to read the Bible  and look for a church to attend. We visited numerous churches around the city but left the same way we came in, not really knowing who Jesus was. And not experiencing as yet the miracle of conversion. Finally,  in October 1982 we heard the gospel preached “straight up” and we responded to the invitation to receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our lives have never been the same and we are grateful for what God has done.

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